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Oregon’s Strangest Laws – Stupid, Weird, Dumb, Funny, Crazy, Strange Laws Of Oregon

Oregon’s Strangest Laws – Stupid, Weird, Dumb, Funny, Crazy, Strange Laws Of Oregon

  • It is illegal to pump your own gas.
  • It is illegal to place a container filled with human fecal matter on the side of any highway.
  • Dishes must drip dry.
  • Driver’s must yield to pedestrians standing on the sidewalk.
  • You can be ticketed if you leave your car door open longer than is necessary.
  • You will be slapped with a Class A traffic violation if you use your car on an Oregon highway to prove your physical endurance.
  • In Hood River, the act of juggling without a license is prohibited.
  • In Marion, ministers are forbidden from eating garlic or onions before delivering a sermon.
  • In Myrtle Creek, you can’t go boxing with kangaroos.
  • In Salem, women’s wrestling has been barred.
  • In Willowdale, no man may curse while having sex with his wife.


  1. thats crazy you can’t pump your gas in Oregon

  2. Aaron, you may think it’s crazy, but think of this…..JOBS! In states where all you do is pump your own gas that cuts out at least 2 8 hour jobs per day per gas station. 3 8 hour jobs if the station is open 24/7. It shoulf be illegal to pump your own gas everywhere!

  3. I have looked at several strange/weird/dumb law websites tonight and have noticed one common thing – the laws are never cited. I have to assume that this is because many of them are made up. I have searched the Oregon Revised Statutes for some of these laws, and have found nothing. They simply don’t seem to exist.

  4. Some of them are old laws no longer on the book or still on the book or current laws. One example is:

    It is illegal to pump your own gas.

    That’s a current law:

    480.330 Operation of gasoline dispensing device by public prohibited; aviation fuel exception. An owner, operator or employee of a filling station, service station, garage or other dispensary where Class 1 flammable liquids, except aviation fuels, are dispensed at retail may not permit any person other than the owner, operator or employee to use or manipulate any pump, hose, pipe or other device for dispensing the liquids into the fuel tank of a motor vehicle or other retail container. [Amended by 2001 c.285 §1]

    Some might be laws specific just to a city.

  5. I know the drying dishes is true also. But it’s for the food industry. To prevent germs from the towel to get on the dishes. But I have used it as an excuse to not dry dishes at home all the time.

  6. It’s actually super nice not to pump your own gas. You get to sit in the car and relax.

  7. I can state that all these are true for the state (I can’t speek to the local ones) and they all make sense

    Gas law is as stated above a messure to increase minimum wage jobs

    Yes leaving a bag of poo or bottle of pee on the side of the road is illegal and gross too

    Dishes must drip dry for professional establishments like restaurants prevent bacterial contamination a towel could harbor

    Drivers must yeild to pedestrians. This only applies to uncontrolled intersections (no lights) where painted cross walk lines are present. This is a state that is very kind to those who walk or bike

    Leaving the car door open. This law states that one will not leave the car door open any more then nessesary when the door opens into trafic or if it impedes bicycles or pedestrians (see makes sense)

    Physical endurance test while driving… The whole law reads that it is illegal to compete of any kind on public roads. So no drag race, no road race, no speeding up to block a pass, and no race of endurance (i.e. no driving races over super long distances where sleep deprivation could be an issue)

    So on the state level… No dumb laws
    I don’t know the validity of the local ones but I bet they make more sense when read for real not on some dumb list like this.

  8. Surefire ways to recognize an Oregonian outside of Oregon, regardless of plates?

    1) Sits like a statue in car for 5 minutes after arriving at a gas station while a line builds behind before suddenly jumping out of car, blushing, and not looking at anyone’s face.
    2) Takes 5 to 10 minutes to figure out how to operate the pump.
    3) Complains about gasoline smell on hands while getting receipt.

    Surefire ways to recognize outsider in Oregon, regardless of plates?

    1) Attendants start converging and yelling in direction of just arrived car from all directions.
    2) Person who drove up less than 10 seconds ago is punching buttons on one of the pumps.
    3) Yelling or honking coming from a car that has only been parked in front of a pump for 5 minutes or more.

  9. I grew up in Oregon and moved away. I do NOT miss the Mini-Serve gas stations (Full- Service cleans windshields, checks tire pressure/oil, etc). I hated waiting for a tweaker to make his way over to my car at their leisure, take my credit card out of my presence, not care if they scratch your car with the fuel nozzle, spill gas down the side of your car, and then come hang up the nozzle at their convenience….and God-forbid you want gas at 1AM: you get to drive around looking for some place that is willing to pay an attendant to sit there all night. How is some minimum wage, high-school dropout more qualified to put gas into my vehicle than I am? Only in Oregon does the state deem its citizens to be too dumb to do what everyone else in the US can do.

  10. The whole thing about pumping your own gas and jobs is nonsense and I will tell you why. I’ll type slowly so all you folks in Oregon can follow along.

    Oregon is home to the largest athletic apparel company in the world. They employee about 48,000 people worldwide of which only about 16,000 work here in the U.S.

    Oh hell, if you don’t see where I’m going with this already…

  11. For those of you whom insist on knocking on the pump attendants, let me clear this up for ya! I AM a pump attendant at the ONLY 24hr station in Newport OR. Not only am I a high school graduate but I also have 2 years into a criminal justice degree. There is NO SET REASONING as to why it’s state law for customers to not pump their own fuel. However, Oregon IS a completely “GREEN” state. I’ve lived here for about 3 months now and I’ve seen a lot of differing sides to leaving NC and into a green state. This could very well be one of those things that’s simply chalked up to environmental reasons. As to it creating jobs, yes I can see that also. Especially seeing as how most employment in cities such as Newport and any other fishing town doesn’t have many options to choose from short of being a commercial fisheman. And there are far more “tweekers” and drunks that are fishermen than there are pump attendants. I am a pump attendant, I am well educated and I am NOT a f**king tweeker. We do not disappear with your credit card and if they do then maybe you should get off your lazy ass and find out why they did instead of accept it as part of their job because that should NOT happen, therefore thats YOUR stupidity not “ours”. Furthermore, I don’t wash windows as that is NOT part of my job description. I DON’T check air pressure nor oil. Policy at my store is that we DO NOT touch anything under the hood as that is a liability on us if something were to happen to your vehicle. As to the scratching your vehicle with the nozzle, sorry but I ALWAYS hit the hole!!! The spilling gas this is ridiculous as the nozzles have cut off switches once the fuel gets so high in the filler neck of your vehicle, it kicks the pump off. The only way it would spill is if there’s a default with your vehicle or if you ask for a ILLEGAL top off, which I refuse for that specific reason. Why we do it and not the people of Oregon? Well because it seems they have become too lackadaisical to do it themselves. Oh yeah, and pump attendants are ONE person, not Superman. We dont hang up the pump at OUR convenience, we hang them up in the order we start them as they finish. Full pump pad equals longer wait time for both start and stop. So lets fact check before we assume and you make a complete douchebag of yourself!!! For the record to all reading this…YES we make minimum wage..yes we run our asses off without a break for 8hrs straight..and yes I, much like many, help support our families pumping gas; but the majority of folks appreciate having their fuel pumped for them, some even tip their attendants. Tipping is customary at service stations just as it was in the past. At 9.10 an hour, sometimes the tips per day help out, if nothing else than seeing the gratitude from others for doing something I’ve done since I was 8 years old.

  12. You cant pump your own gad in Oregon because retards make dumb mistakes that kill

  13. I’m just so mad my husband can’t curse at me during sex!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! lol

  14. That’s the best answer I’ve heard so far Wyatt. You seem to have a more comprehensive answer than anyone else. In fact I did a little more research and it turns out you may have uncovered something here. For instance; Did you know that Oregon has not had a retarded person blow up at a gas station since this law was enacted? Whats-more, the federal government has secretly formed an oversight committee known as U.R.D.U.M. which is an acronym for United States Bureau of Retarded Peoples Protection Agency. Their findings show that one in nine mentally handicapped people will blow themselves up at a gas station at some point in their life. Its a staggering statistic but think about all the stories we here on the news, “Man blows himself up at local gas station…turns out he was retarded.” -Terre Haute Patriot News. And another headline last week, “Entire Michigan family dead after retarded woman tried to fill her riding lawnmower.” -Detroit Free Press. It has become an epidemic that can only be corrected in one of two ways; The other 49 states need to adopt the same law or make it illegal for retarded people to have vehicles. If you think about it Wyatt, you’re like a little angel preventing retard deaths in Oregon.

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